The project
The Lombroso Project is an effort to research, catalogue, organise, digitise and make available the unpublished works of Cesare Lombroso (Verona, 1835 - Turin, 1909) and his correspondents.
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Epistolario This is a virtual reconstruction of Cesare Lombroso's professional and personal letters. La ricostruzione virtuale dell'intero corpus della corrispondenza di Lombroso. Over 2600 letters, notes, postcards received and sent between 1860 and 1909.

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EpistolarioThis is comprised of a variety of works by Lombroso - including conference minutes, drafts of articles, manuscripts of minor and even trivial interventions...

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The Lombroso Project continues

The documentation preserved by the Lombroso Museum and the organisations identified through the activities of the Lombroso Project is not a comprehensive, and many other unpublished works by Lombroso have survived elsewhere. Anyone in possession of texts written by or addressed to Lombroso can contact us at this address: museo.lombroso(@)