The Lombroso Project was established by the Museum Organisation of the University of Turin, with the support of the CRT Foundation and the Department of History of the University of Turin.

Scientific Director

Silvano Montaldo
e-mail: silvano.montaldo(@)unito.it

Curator and manager of the historical archives of the Cesare Lombroso Museum of Criminal Anthropology

Cristina Cilli
e-mail: cristina.cilli(@)unito.it

Archival research, image acquisition, cataloguing and transcription of the letters preserved by external organisations

Emanuele D’Antonio

Image acquisition, cataloguing and reorganisation of letters preserved in the Lombroso Museum

Giulia Caccia, Sara Micheletta

A project by Alicubi Srl
Project and editorial consultancy

Augusto Cherchi

Design and implementation of the computer platform to manage the archive heritage

Alessandro Tarasco

Art direction

Luca Zanini

Site development coordination

Rebecca Dezzani

Contributing organisations